verterans top picHIRED is an organization with HIGH integrity and we are working for a "heavenly purpose!" And always will be! After working with Executive Director and Creator of HIRED "Mr. Dolce" I see it impossible to go any other way!!!!!
Therefore....since HIRED is a legal "worldwide" non profit organization set up in Holland, Michigan. USA, we feel it important to get started on the right track, by working with our advisors here first to ensure HIRED always does everything correctly in USA, and build up our reputation as the best non profit in America, which will allow us starting our federation of non-profit offices in other countries, making our international offices run very smoothly!
Our USA advisors and us have this preliminary project in mind to not only help HIRED but to also help the USA Veterans! 
We are being advised to apply for 5 (1-3 million dollar) grants through, Ms Jeannie Sample!!! She's excellent and knows her business "inside and out" and has a 96% approval rate on all grants written.
If grants are received, we will need to first hire a project manager in USA who knows all the USA Laws regarding Section 8 Housing. Then if we are looking at purchasing  200 homes in Kalamazoo, MI to house USA  veterans.
Project details subject to change, however, these grants will be targeted to help the US Veterans!
Business strategies worked out with our board members and  see this as a huge opportunity to also give back to project "Hands for South" which we are still working everyday on!!!
But......we need your HELP!
To apply for these 5 grants 96% guaranteed, we need to raise $6,500. 
Please help us, help the USA Veterans! They have given their lives to fight for freedom in the USA! 
We will keep this project updated. Then once approved, can share our project details!
Executive Mr. Dolce..... and creator of HIRED, has a huge vision to help many many people in many many different countries!
Please donate!!!!

Yet another, more immediate, project we recently were working on to benefit USA Veterans is our FUNDrive we did in Nevada in association with our Interactor Savers! More details can be found on our Interactors page for Savers!!



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