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On the 4th of October, 2016 “Haiti” “one of the most vulnerable countries in the world” woke up crying and screaming sons and daughters, who were being carried away by the most devastating hurricane, since hurricane Cleo in 1964. Hurricane Matthew violently struck SOUTH Haiti (Grande-Anse, South, South-East and Nippes) causing extensive flooding and mudslides, damaging roads, infrastructures and buildings, homes and tents, also leaving them with no electricity and water shortage, as well as livestock massive destruction.


Throughout the Grande-Anse department (state) Matthew had destroyed or severely damaged 86,223 houses, (affected about 99,400 families), almost every tree in the region was knocked down, while nearly all the rivers flooded, carrying away approximately 50% of their live stock, their farms, dead bodies, along with all their belongings! Almost all crops in Grande-Anse were destroyed. In South Haiti, 15 of 18 communes were severely devastated, 95% of shelters, and “at least” 29,000 homes were destroyed.





According to our own Post- Matthew investigation, 1008 people were killed by hurricane Matthew and amongst them were 425 children.


-2.1 million people were affected by the Hurricane: out of 896 people, 385 kids were affected and out of 500 children, 111 are under five (5)  and at risk of acute malnutrition.


-2,271 Cholera cases and 29 deaths were reported amongst them, justbetween October 4th and October 19th, 2016 alone!


806,000 people were in urgent need of assistance, until now.







-Well we have counted that 774 schools were affected by hurricane Matthew of which:


Grand’Anse: 217, Sud: 171 out of 1,451, Nippes; 228 out of 744, Sud-Est: 33 out of 1,143, Quest: 22 out of 6,213, Artibonite :26 out of 2,445, Centre: 4 out of 1,406, Nord-Quest: 73 out of 1,134





36 health facilities were destroyed.


300,000 homes damaged or completely destroyed.


*Damages were said to be estimated at 2.7 billion USD!!!







Our project “HANDS FOR SOUTH” beholds a triple action to bring relief and sustainability.


1) Hurricane Matthew caused water contamination in the entire south, causing 30 deaths, until now, due to an untimely very rapid cholera outbreak, as the population was using and drinking contaminated water from springs and rivers, infested with fecal materials, as latrines had been destroyed, and were carried by flooded rivers.







*Our first action consist in building six (6) water purification stations, in six (6) of the most affected areas in the southern and northern regions in Haiti, and distribute “clean purified” water to the populations affected by Matthew, in order to prevent them from any further risk of contamination of cholera.





2) Flooding and powerful winds have destroyed many houses, as they were previously constructed of mud, wood chips, and covered with dried straw,  which states that these homes were not solid or strong enough to uphold any resistance against the strong fierce of the flood, and strong forceful winds!




Our second action is to reconstruct their houses in increments of three hundred (300) ata time, until we are able to rebuild the entire southern region of Haiti, offering our brothers and sisters a place to live with “pride and dignity”!



What kind of houses are we building?


To prevent this from happening again, in the event of any future hurricanes or other naturaldisasters, for the population in south who lost their homes and belongings, we intend to build for them: a 30 square meter home, to live with their family, which will include 2 sleeping rooms, 1 living room, 1 modern toilet and a dining room. 




3) Matthew has also left behind more than 400 orphans; 22 of which are deceased construction workers affiliates children. The children have no school to attend, as their schools were completely destroyed by Matthew, and further more, they have “no one” left to pay their current tuition, as in many cases, both parents were taken by Matthew.

*Our third action is to pay their tuition “at least” for the remainder of their academic year 2017. We also plan on furnishing them with school supplies, clothes, uniforms, etc., as well get them into shelters, homes or orphanages.






This project is written in interaction with FENATCO “the largest construction trade Union in Haiti”whose affiliates lost their homes in South. It's a generous participation, but launched with empty hands, in the adventure of saving and changing many lives!


This is why we need your participation, so we will be able to assist our little brothers and sisters in Haiti!


Please help us and make a donation!


Thank you!



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