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Hurricane Matthewviolentlystruck SOUTH Haiti (Grande-Anse, South, South-East andNippes) causing destruction of infrastructures, including 774 scholar establishments.



Throughout  the Grande-Anse department (state) Matthew had destroyed or severely damaged 86,223 houses, (affected about 99,400 families) carrying away approximately 50% of their livestock, their farms, dead bodies, along with all their belongings! Almost all crops in Grande-Ansewere destroyed. In South Haiti, 15 of 18 communes wereseverelydevastated, 95% of shelters, and “at least” 29,000 homes were destroyed.





Matthew has also left behind him more than 400 orphans, 22 of which are deceased construction workers affiliates children. The children have no school to go to, as their schools were destroyed, or damaged, and further more, they have no one left to pay their current tuition, as in many cases, both parents were taken by hurricane Matthew. As many as 300,000 students are in desperate need to go back to school the next academic year (September 2017).


The 774 schools affected by Hurricane Matthew are mostly southern of which:

Grand’Anse: 217, Sud: 171 out of 1,451, Nippes; 228 out of 744,  Sud-Est: 33 out of 1,143, Quest: 22 out of 6,213, Artibonite: 26 out of 2,445, Centre: 4 out of 1,406, Nord-Quest: 73 out of 1,134





So what is “HIRED” doing to help?


Our “ urgent” intervention consist in empowering students, paying for their tuition, starting from the rest of this academic year, and help them go back to school their next academic year, beginning September 2017. We will also provide them with school supplies, clothes, uniforms, food, etc. as well as get the orphans or homeless children into shelters, homes and/or orphanages.



But we need your HELP!


Please donate” and help us get these kids back to school!





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