Thank you for inquiring, as to how you could interact with us!

We need help, and would like an interaction with you!

Teamwork….."together everyone achieves more"!

We are very proud to see our “interactors” all putting their “hands together” and helping us in so many different ways!! We interact with entities, individuals or group of individuals, non-profit NGOs, companies, corporations, governments, unions, schools, universities, artist, or any organized group or team!


Thank you for your burning desire to become one of our interactors. We cannot wait to come to an “agreement of interaction” with you for fundraising purposes, sponsorship, partnership or alliance, to benefit the most vulnerable children, women and men around the world!.


Anyone interested in interacting with us, will need to send us an email, along with a “cover letter” stating clearly “what”“how” and “why”you would like to interact with us? All emails should be sent directly to our Executive Director and / or our President of USA"for furtherdirection, using our “email us for an interaction” under the “contact us” menu tab above.



We look very forward to interacting with you,

and helping us change many lives 

around the world!


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