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For many years “NGO’s” have invaded third world countries “like flies on wounds” with own projects and clear objectives of development. However, what change have you obviously seen? You probably have noticed that board members of these NGOs became rich and the problems perpetuate through generations, only to justify their perpetual presence on the ground!

Well, we do not believe that anyone has ever tried an “interactive intervention” involving these populations in such desperate need, to find out their true claims, dreams and way out!  

This reflection above has become our motivation to create a “NEW” concept of “NGO’s” capable of bringing obvious and palpable results, and our name speaks for itself:………!


HIRED" (Humanitarian Interaction for Relief and Sustainable Development) a 501C3 type NGO which brings an entire “NEW” concept of “NGO’s”, by making our donors “interactors” of all our actions, wherever we go, unless they chose not to. We also believe you should know how your donation is being spent, as we realize that money is very hard to come by these days, and is the result of many hard workers “blood, sweat and tears”!


Our interactions extend to “ALL” social forces and entities, to bring sectorial assistance, which is more efficient, and by this we mean we help “third world countries” to meet their SDO’s (sustainable development objectives), by assisting in increasing their per capita and capacity of productivity through education and sustainable projects. This explains why we need someone like “YOU” to interact with, in order to obtain better results! We are “HIRED” for a heavenly purpose, and “YOU” can be a part of it!


Do for others what you would like done for you” “All things whatsoever you would that men should do to you, thus do *you* even so to them . For this the Law and the Prophets.” (Matthew 7:12)


Created two years ago by Mr. Michelet Dolce, HIRED means to be much more an organism of interaction with all social forces, in any society, to bring quick relief and sustainability, by involving the populations in finding solutions to their own problems. Our interaction consists in empowering small NGOs or other organized entities, sponsoring sustainable projects aiming development.


What's our specific branch of intervention?

We intervene specifically in education and advanced trainings in interaction with schools, universities, colleges, foundations and unions around the world.



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Interact internationally with all social forces and

entities, paying special attention to “third world

countries” assisting them to achieve their

goals and objectives, beginning

with "education".



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Prepare a smart, tactful and healthy generation,

capable to respond to any natural disaster,

or any situation in desperate need,

anywhere around the world!





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