Thank you for visiting our website! There are several ways you can help us! We need a lot of assistance in fundraising, and we have listed some fundraising tips below. You may also help us by donating on our link below!


  1. Start by making a list of friends or acquaintance likely to help.

  2. Meet with them individually, or as a group, so you-can raise a team. If possible, we can have online meetings, so our team may help you with sensible issues.

  3. Draw a big listing of companies, restaurants, resorts & hotels and get in touch with them by sending them a letter, then plan a personal meeting with them.

  4. Contact mass media like television stations, radio, news papers (Their facilities can help us spread the news faster), they may help by an “all vehicle wrap” “an organized event to fundraise”.

  5. You can contact universities, schools, sports federations and associations to help byorganizing sporting events, or any other desired evens to collect funds.

  6. If you have contact information, you can reach government officials, ministers, state secretaries, mayors, etc.

  7. Help yourself with a significant someone who can guide you to significant people and others in their field. Try a lecturer, they have multiple contacts in society..

  8. You can directly make a donation on our website or send us cheques via mail (see contact us information). We receive all kinds of donations: cars, airplanes, traveling tickets, jewels, money, houses, real estate anywhere in the world, and any other materials that can be sold or used to any purpose to serve our projects.

  9. If you are a corporate business entity you can place donation box somewhere and ask people to drop their change in it as a donation or you can use your own debit or credit card reader to collect bigger donations from generous donors or you can donate any kind of goods you are selling or we can come to an agreement for an interaction.

  10. Now if you are a corporate trainer, please feel free to organize a seminar with fundraising purpose, choosing any of our projects to sponsor.

  11. If you are a charitable organization, you may offer grants, big donations, sponsorships, patronage or a simple “come to an alliance with us for fundraising purposes”.

    We are looking forward to working with you, and “thank you” for your donation!





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