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We would like to say “thank you” to everyone who has who has “volunteered”, some even blood sweat and tears, and “donated” to help get “HIRED” off the ground and running! We now have our running shoes on, and we are on our way to change many lives around the world!

*Well I think we should start this page out right by thanking first “Mr. Michelet DOLCE/Executive Director of HIRED”! He has donated months of his own time to get this HIRED billion dollar “Post Hurricane Matthew” “ Hands for South” project off the ground, using minimal resources, skipping meals and having many sleepless nights, giving it everything he has, to not just help Haiti, but other countries in need, all over the world! He is a man of integrity, character, truth, faith, but most of all, his “heart” to help people is enormous! He tries to carry everyone else's burden, as Jesus did carrying the cross! And his vision and knowledge are going to take HIRED to bigger places than I had even ever imagined! Thank you so much Mr. DOLCE for giving me this “dream of my life” opportunity, and your kind patience you have shown to me, working with you!

Sincerely, Ms. Laura Higgins/ HIRED USA President


Thank-you to our volunteers that helped make Quinn & Tuites Benefit Concert a success!!

Joe and Jackie Farley

Sue Martin

Dave Creswell

Patti Fey

Telea Maison and Marylynn Grerzinger 

Cathy Martin

Megan Jensen

Joseph Higgins

Mike Higgins

Thank-you Mrs. Lonna Neil for volunteering at the Savers Store in Reno Nevada
for our fundrive July 15, 2017 Great job! And may God Bless you!



*Another special big thanks to “Stuart Grice” from U.K. who has been supporting us from the beginning. We appreciate all you have done for “HIRED” Stuart! Thank you again!

Sincerely, Mr. DOLCE / Executive Director and Ms. Laura Higgins/President USA


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