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Our very young “non-profit organization” Hands for South” which was recently established approximately “six (6) months ago”, has “already” distributed 450 very large (5 gallon) containers of purified water into South Haiti, to help fight the deadly cholera outbreak! When we arrived, we were completely devastated to find the entire population in this region, in South Haiti, drinking very contaminated water from infected springs; full of bacteria. There had already been twenty nine (29) cases of cholera reported, just within two days, as a result from all those drinking the same contaminated water. Water bottle distribution is our “FIRST” step included in our project, which will also include building six (6) water purification stations, in six (6) different areas in South Haiti, However, this is just a mere start, and we will obviously need to build more! We would be “very” appreciative to receive any kind of assistance, which is desperately needed “immediately”!

Our interaction with FENATCO, a Haitian “Construction Trade Union” has already begun. We currently have already trained three hundred (300 out of two thousand 2, 000) construction professionals in South Haiti, ready to contribute to the development of their communities, in terms of reconstruction, of either infrastructure or housing. You may also help them by contracting them, as they are from South Haiti. Among them you will find engineers, architects, foremen, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, brick layers, wrought iron workers, house painters, etc. Please contact us for more information.

We helped send 22 children and adolescents back to middle school and universities, most of whom are in the capital Port-au-Prince now. We intend to rent a special house for them, so we have closer control on them, and can assist them with their educational works.

We know this is not even a start, as the scope of our project is so huge! We have little resources, however, we believe with God's help, and yours, we will achieve much more! When you are in God's hands, anything is possible!


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Thank you!


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